About Us

The World’s Best is a collaborative initiative by two award-winning entities – The Chrysalis BREW Project and the magazine’s owner-publisher ALPJ and Sons. It is a print and online magazine book, which started with books but also features everything else that’s great about – and for – all of us in our dear planet.

Award Winners

In this portion is where you’d find the be-medalled, the multi-award-winners, and the rising stars.

Best Sellers

Under this section is where the sales will do the talking. We will scour the online world for facts and figures for the data-driven you. 

Featured Lists

Not happy with only one or two. Well, this section will reveal listicles of just about everything from A to Z and all else in between and beyond. 

People’s Choice

At least once a month, we’d be coming up with a poll to know which ones you love the most. Yes. You read it right. We are giving you the chance to be heard just when and where it matters most.