Let’s Paint the Town Red: Things to do on Valentine’s Day

It is time to paint the town red. After all, February is here. On second thoughts, the month of love might not be most people with a few people out there. Yes, you are right. I am talking about all the single souls out there. However, there is nothing to be sad about. Even if you are not coupled up, February is a beautiful month to celebrate love. After all, nobody passed a law that you have to be in a relationship to commemorate love. You can always celebrate your love for yourself, your friends, and your family. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, you can never ignore Valentine’s Day. It is the day when the world is decked in hearts and flowers. Chocolates are galore everywhere. In my opinion, it is the day when you honor togetherness.

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is one the oldest holidays in the world? It originates from the pagan Roman festival called Lupercalia. Valentine’s Day was first officialized by Pope Gelasius in AD 496, a few centuries after Saint Valentine’s martyrdom. Today, it is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world.

As the day approaches nearer, you must be thinking of ways to make this Valentine’s Day special. So, here I am with some amazing ideas for you. The best part is that these ideas work whether you are in a relationship or are single.


Who doesn’t like to make a difference in someone else’s life? This Valentine’s Day, take some time off and dedicate yourself to doing something selfless. It will not only make you feel good about yourself but also deepen your bond with your partner if you are in a relationship. So, choose a cause close to your heart and get to work. No matter how small the act might be for you, it is bound to make someone else’s day a little bit brighter.

Go For A Nature Walk

Nature is a great avenue to connect with your inner self. It also gives you the opportunity to know your loved ones better. A walk in the woods or a hike on the mountain is sure to put you in a romantic mood. It will not only give you a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life but also bestow you with some much-needed quality time. A bit of time alone in nature will no doubt leave you with some unforgettable memories filled with love and joy.

Write Love Letter

In today’s age of social media and emails, letters are a thing of the past. The secret thrill of expressing your love through a letter is missed by many. A lot of today’s generation has no idea about the pleasure and excitement of carefully choosing words to craft the all-important letter addressed to your beloved. So, try something new by trying something old. Write a love letter for your loved one to make them feel infinitely special. If you are in the single’s boat, you can always pen a letter of appreciation to yourself or to a loving friend and family member.

Enjoy A Movie Night

Just like Christmas, a lot of heart-warming movies are released on Valentine’s Day. Not to mention, all the romantic classics that have already graced our screens since the inception of movies. Naturally, there is no shortage of movies to watch on Valentine’s Day. So, if you are a movie buff, get some of your favorite films and snacks; and enjoy a cozy night in with your loved one or on your own. If you are in a relationship, you can always spice things up by setting up string lights and a blanket fort.

Attend A Concert

For all you music lovers out there, Valentine’s Day is a great time to attend a concert. Get tickets to your or your partner’s favorite performer and enjoy a night of letting loose and grooving to the music.

Plan A Picnic Under The Stars

The night sky is full of possibilities. Very few things are as romantic as a dazzling sky filled with glittering stars. Pack some food, get a hot thermos of cocoa, and gather a cozy blanket; and you are all set for a night identifying constellations. Gazing at the night sky while holding hands with your significant other and pondering life’s deep truths spells romance.  Be assured a scrumptious picnic under the stars is bound to leave you giddy. On a cautionary note, make sure that your picnic spot is safe and carry a repellent in case of bugs.

Cook A Delicious Meal

We all know that the stomach is the way to the heart. Feeding your loved one with finger-licking food always fills you with a sense of satisfaction. This Valentine’s Day, why not try something different? Instead of simply going out for a candle-lit dinner in an upscale restaurant, why not whip up a tasty meal of all your favorite food and organize a cozy dinner at home? You can make things all the more special by decking the house with candles and preparing a playlist filled with all your go-to songs. If you are single, worry not. You can always find a never before tried recipe and cook an exciting new dish for your own enjoyment.


For me, Valentine’s Day has always been special since childhood. Now, you may ask why? Well, my dad’s birthday is just the day before. Naturally, I always find myself digging through all the red and rose-themed gifts to find the perfect present for him. The readily available heart-shaped cakes and candies make it easy to plan a great day. Also, it gives me the opportunity to pick up some great deals for my mom’s birthday that’s also a few days later. As you can deduce, February is a busy yet fun month for me. It can be for you as well. Just think positively. You will see that it does not matter whether you are single or in a relationship. So, let loose and get ready to paint the town red, be it with your soul mate, friends, or family.

Do comment and let me know which of the listed ideas you like the best.

One thought on “Let’s Paint the Town Red: Things to do on Valentine’s Day

  1. I really had no idea this day dated back to the Romans. Those guys and the Egyptians invented everything LOL. I’m always up for a home-cooked meal or a hike. Thank you for providing non-commercial alternatives to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


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