The Golden Wattle is Here: Things to Do on Australia Day

“You mustn’t judge Australia by the Australians.”
Dame Edna Everage

Australia is a wild country with a diverse population. The rolling hills, verdant valleys, tranquil seas, dense forests, and vast deserts have been made home by people all around the world. Right in the beginning, the island nation was the land of aboriginals. 1788 changed it all. It saw the arrival of Europeans in fleets of ships. Unlike the Americas, the first settlers of Australia did not arrive voluntarily. They were mostly exiled to this faraway land. With time, they started taming the country. Slowly, they became Australians. Australia continues to welcome people from other countries. It promises prosperity and a place of belonging.

Every year, Aussies celebrate Australia Day on January 26. The day marks the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip. Though January 26 does not signify happy memories for the aboriginal population, they too have let go of the past. Nevertheless, January 26 is Survival Day or Invasion Day for them.

Today, Australia Day is a day to celebrate national pride. The holiday is spent with friends and family by Aussies all around.

Here is a list of enjoyable activities that you can undertake this Australia Day:-

Indigenous Walks and Tours

Spend this Australia Day getting to know the country. Go on road trips with friends and family. Discover new places. Look up Indigenous-led tours. Get to know about the ancient Aussie people and their culture.

Volunteer at First Nations Organizations

This Australia Day, celebrate by giving back to the community. Draft a list of charities and organizations supporting Aboriginals, the underprivileged, and PoC voices worldwide. Donate a little something. If there are financial constraints, donate a bit of your time. You will be surprised at the wonders that would work in certain lives.

Barbeque Bonanza

Barbeques are a must for any good Australian gathering in the summer. There is a separate fan base for barbequed meat and a cold can of soda. You can meet up with your friends and family for a sumptuous BBQ party at the park. You can also host your own barbeque in your backyard or attend one thrown by an acquaintance. No matter which option you choose, you can count yourself in for sausage sizzles, steaks, kebabs, chicken wings, and lamb cuts among many others. A barbeque is a perfect way to celebrate a filling and hearty Australia Day.

Eat Aussie Food

Aussie food has its own unique flavor. This Australia day, plan a scrumptious menu filled with savory Australian food. Celebrate the day by savoring the food of the country. Start the day with a vegemite toast. Then, serve up meat pies, burgers with a lot, steak, lamb cuts, prawns, and other seafood. Ready deserts like lamingtons, tim tams, or pavlova. Eating good food would not only fill your belly but also hearten your heart.

Watch the Fireworks

Fireworks lighten up not only the skies but also our souls. The streaks of colors ravaging the night and the sound of revelry add a special touch to any celebration. Fireworks dazzle our eyes and fill up our hearts with hope. This Australia Day, hurry to your local fireworks event in the evening and be stunned by the array of lights and colors.

Visit the Beach

For many of us, when we think of Australia, either the image of an endless desert or a beautiful stretch of beach crops to mind. This Australia Day, plan a visit to your nearest beach. Surprise your friends or family members with a day of frolicking in the sand, surfing, swimming, and sunbathing. Relax and catch some waves while you celebrate this iconic day this year.

Play Backyard Cricket

Backyard cricket is nothing but cricket with fewer rules and equipment. It can be played just about anywhere, be it your garden or the park in your neighborhood. This fun game can be played by young and old alike. Cricket is a legendary sport in Australia. People go insane during the World Cup. Playing a rudimentary game of backyard cricket is an ideal way to realize your inner Sir Donald Bradman and observe the national day.

Decorate Your House with Aussie Merch

We know you love Australia. Showcase your love by decking your house with Australia-themed decorations. Make your home spic and span and then put up Australian flags everywhere. You can depict your Aussie love by decorating your home with Australia-themed tablecloths, posters, balloons, magnets, and towels.

Arrange Sing-Alongs

No celebration is complete without music. Songs add a flair to your day. Hence, prepare a list of your favorite patriotic songs. Blast them through the speakers and sing along to songs like I Still Call Australia Home, Down Under, True Blue, etc. This will definitely uplift your soul.

Attend a Community Event

Every Australian city is bound to set up a plethora of public events on Australia Day.  From festivals, concerts, and parades to matches, they have it all. This year, step out of your comfort zone and enjoy all that your neighbors have prepared.

Whip up Australia-themed Crafts

Hand-crafted gifts are always the most valued ones for me. They embody the giver’s love and the lover’s gift. This Australia Day, use your hands and hearts and whip up something special for your loved ones. The kids would definitely love paper boomerangs and mini didgeridoos. These would appeal to their kind self and also instill in them patriotic fervor without boring them.

Watch an Australian Film

After a long day of reveling, anyone would need a spot of rest. The best way to decompress and let off some steam is to watch a movie. End the day with a mind-boggling Australian movie. Be a lone wolf or gather your mates to enjoy a recent hit or classics like Mad Max and Muriel’s Wedding.


Australia Day is the national day of Australia. Australians celebrate being Aussie, irrespective of their color, creed, religion, and ethnicity. It is a day of joy, love, laughter, and above all unity. Do comment and let me know what you would like to do this Australia Day.

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