From Couture to Casual: Bestselling Fashion Magazines in 2022

“Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

 Henry David Thoreau asserted these words in his masterpiece, Walden, way back in the 19th century. Yet, even a couple of centuries later, his words ring true. Fashion is transient in nature. It keeps evolving. We often find ourselves discarding the trends that were our favorites just a while ago to embrace the latest fashion statements. However, who decides the fashion of the day? What brings to us the latest trends? Well, it’s none other than the juicy fashion magazines. Truth be told, nowadays, social media platforms also play a key role in dictating today’s style. However, that does not mean that fashion magazines are archaic. They have been here ever since the 19th century, and I am pretty sure that they will continue to rule the world of fashion for centuries to come.

Presently, there are a plethora of fashion mags all over the world. Each does its best to offer something unique to its readers in order to maintain its position in this cut-throat industry. You must be eager to know which magazines are ruling the roost. So, who further ado, let us have a look at the bestselling fashion magazines of 2022.


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Who has not heard of Vogue? After all, it is one of the most renowned magazines in the world. First published in 1892 as a weekly newspaper, Vogue has always been the vanguard of fashion. After being taken over by Conde Nast Publishers in 1909, Vogue started reaching new heights. Fashion-conscious men and women from around the world look up to the magazine for all the latest on dit. When Anns Wintour took charge in 1988, the magazine reached in heights of success. Today, it has over 11 million subscribers across 23 nations. Undoubtedly, Vogue remains a trendsetter in the realm of fashion.

Harper’s Bazaar


Way back in 1862, America saw the advent of Harper’s Bazaar. It was the first ever fashion magazine published in America that aimed to make the upper middle class its avid readers. Today, it has been in circulation for over 150 years. Presently, it extends its reach to 32 countries. Harper’s Bazaar makes the latest fashion news fascinating with its New York flair. It covers runway shows, must-have advice from beauty experts, fashion updates, and the latest trends. The beautiful photographs and the amazing wardrobe suggestions make Harper’s Bazaar a must-have.


Cosmopolitan is a fun and quirky magazine that has been entertaining ladies ever since 1886. Cosmopolitan, also known as Cosmo, is a women-centric publication that has 64 international editions circulated in 35 countries. The popular magazine is published in 110 languages. It is no wonder that Cosmo has a wide reach. First published in 1886 as a family magazine, it soon became a lifestyle magazine in the swinging sixties. Helen Gurley completely changed its face when she took over in 1965. Cosmo started publishing content related to relationships, fashion, feminism, ad other hitherto taboo topics. This made t unique and a raging bestseller. Even today, Cosmo upholds its motto of fearless feminism by publishing advice on friendships, relationships, healthy eating, exercise, and a balanced lifestyle. The inclusion of celebrity news and the newest fashion trends makes it a treat for its readers.


France is the land of fashion. Many even consider France to be the first country that produced a fashion magazine. Elle comes from France. First published in 1945, it predominantly focuses on women’s fashion. In fact, the name, Elle, itself means “she” in French. Elle prides itself on covering unique and inclusive content. Published in over 44 countries, it focuses on covering the latest fashion trends, entertainment and political news, and advice on health, career as well as relationships.

Vanity Fair


Vanity Fair does not limit itself to fashion. It explores the vast arena of culture as well. Just like Vogue, Vanity Fair functions under the umbrella of Conde Nast. Though it started in 1913, it had to stop publication in 1936. It was Conde Nast that revived the iconic magazine in 1983. Vanity Fair is one of those magazines that are different from others of its kind. Its insight into fashion and style, witty articles on the most sought-after looks, and stunning photography sets it apart. In addition to fashion, beauty, and style, Vanity Fair covers politics, business, tech, media, and a plethora of other topics. It believes in originality and uniqueness. No doubt, it holds a special place in the hearts of everyone with an interest in fashion, including new-age bloggers, industry experts, and fashion enthusiasts.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire is one of those rare publications that tasted success right from its first issue in 1937. Astoundingly, the first edition sold over half a million copies. Come to think of it, it is not that surprising. After all, Marie Claire not only covered fashion, culture, and art but also gave voice to women at a time when the world was undergoing immense change due to WWII.  To add to its veracity, it was founded by French heiress, Evelyn Prouvost, a legend in the fashion world. Presently, it is made available in 35 countries and 24 languages. Even today, Marie Claire continues to delight its readers with its thought-provoking content.


Just like women, men are also interested in fashion. GQ is undoubtedly the go-to magazine for men all over the world. Founded in 1931, the fashion-forward men’s magazine is based in New York City. GQ covers everything of interest to men. From fashion, culture, and style to food, fitness, travel, music, sports, movies, and relationships, GQ has it all.


Esquire is one of the most popular fashion magazines for men. First published in 1933, Esquire has more than 20 international editions. It caters to the taste of the modern mam. Esquire covers articles on fashion, interior design, business, sports, fitness, and health.


Whether we admit it or not, we all want to be at the top of our fashion game. After all, who doesn’t want to look their very best? One of the most relaxing ways to browse through the various trends is by reading fashion magazines. The pages of these magazines transport you to a world of glitz and glamor. They make it easy to believe that you can have it all as well.

Do comment and let me know about your favorite fashion magazine.

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  1. I’m very glad you included men’s magazines since often fashion is though to be an exclusively feminine interest. And I have to say I would have liked the old Cosmo better…
    Fascinating topic!

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