It’s Coffee Time: Your Favorite Coffee Brands

                       “As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”

― Cassandra Clare, “City of Ashes”

Well, I am not sure how bad things can be, however, pretty confident that things would not best great without coffee either. I mean, can you imagine a world without waking up to a fresh cup of coffee? While for some of us, this might not be a big deal. However, for many life without coffee would be a catastrophe. The tantalizing aroma of coffee not only revitalizes our senses but also helps us stay energetic during long hours of work.

The non-alcoholic beverage, brewed from roasted beans of the Coffea plant, is purported to originate from Ethiopia. Local legend has it that a goat herder named Kaldi had discovered coffee while taking care of his flock. If this is true, we all should be eternally grateful to him. Starting its journey in the Middle East in the 15th century, coffee soon became all the rage all over the world. In fact, coffee is the second most exported product in the world today. We are bound to find an astounding amount of coffee drinkers worldwide.

Naturally, coffee houses and cafes have emerged everywhere. Throughout the years, a number of businesses have made their name in the coffee industry. With creativity, quality, and innovation, they have been able to create brand value and occupy a special place in the hearts of coffee drinkers.

Let us look at some of the coffee giants that have continued to reign supreme over the years


Who hasn’t heard of Starbucks? It seems that everywhere you go, you will find a Starbucks right around the corner. With more than 32,500 stores in operation, this does not come as a surprise. The inviting coffee chain boasts a 12.4% share of the US ground coffee market. Starbucks is one of those places that always welcomes you with its enticing ambiance and mouth-watering coffee aromas. They are famous for their innovative drinks that always give our basic coffee a new twist. Their premium delights like white chocolate, salted caramel mocha, mango dragon fruit refresher, and iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso, among others, cater to our myriad taste buds while offering us our needed caffeine fix. In addition to the coffee, their cakes, cake pops, as well as sandwiches make sure that people visit again and again.


Dunkin, formerly known as Dunkin’ Doughnuts, is one of the largest coffee companies worldwide. Established way back in the 1940s by William Rosenberg, Dunkin’ started its journey with the name Open Kettle. With stores at over 12000 locations in 45 countries, the brand serves over 3 million customers every day. Along with its coffee, Dunkin’ is also known for breakfast food. It offers its customers a plethora of appetizing options. From decaffeinated flavored coffee to iced coffee, Dunkin’ has it all. The doughnuts and sandwiches are quite savory as well. Fun fact, Dunkin’ Brands is also the owner of one of our favorite ice cream chains, Baskin-Robbins.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has slowly emerged as one of the stalwarts in the coffee business. Today, it is one of Britain’s largest chains as well as of the highest-selling coffee chains around the world. After becoming a subsidiary of Coca-Cola in 2019, Costa Coffee has been on an upward trajectory of success. Today, it has a revenue of more than a billion dollars per year. Perhaps, the key to its success is its presence in almost 31 countries. It has made a name for itself with over 4000 shops and 10,000 smart café machines online. Costa Coffee is famous for its fine ingredients and rich blends. It also offers a plethora of food and beverage options in addition to coffee. 

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a hot pick for coffee lovers in Canada. It is quite popular in other parts of the world as well. Starting its journey in 1964 in Ontario, Canada, Tim Hortons has seen a phenomenal leap in popularity over the years. It is hailed as one of the rare fast-food franchises that provide high-quality coffee and food. Though there are more than 4900 Tim Hortons shops, around 43000 of them are in Canada itself. Nevertheless, we hope that the brand will soon have a more global presence offering people everywhere its signature coffee and doughnuts. The traditional aura of Tim Hortons with more basic coffee options makes it a perfect stop for people who enjoy a simple cup of coffee without all the pretensions.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee

Gloria Jean’s Coffee is one of those famous shops that many people are unaware of. Yes, you heard that right. Due to its limited online presence, this amazing coffee chain is still an enigma to many. Surprisingly, the American-Australian chain is one of the most-loved coffee brands worldwide. Imagine, how popular it would be with an increased online presence. Founded in 1979 by Gloria Jean Kvetko in Chicago, the brand is now owned by the Australian Company, Retail Food Group. Since being acquired in 2014, Gloria Jean’s Coffee is on a quest to occupy a greater spot in the international coffee arena. Today, Gloria Jean’s Coffee has more than 1000 outlets in over 40 countries. One of the USPs of the brand is that it gets its coffee directly from different locations across the globe and roasts them itself at its headquarters. The menu of Gloria Jean’s Coffee includes both hot and cold drinks. The fruit-flavored beverages, chillers, flavored whole beans, and blended whole beans on offer are bound to satisfy our caffeine craving.


The coffee industry is a huge one. It is very unlikely for coffee to go out of fashion. Simply because of the fact that once someone acquires the taste for coffee, they find it impossible to be without. However, with so many brands and chains out there, it is imperative to bring newness to the seemingly age-old taste of coffee. Brands that are able to bring creativity to their drinks are the ones to succeed in the long run. Do vote and let us know your favorite go-to coffee brand.

3 thoughts on “It’s Coffee Time: Your Favorite Coffee Brands

  1. Oh, I love coffee, and this brings back memories. There used to be Gloria Jean’s coffee shops in the city I grew up. I think they’re all Starbucks now. And I kind of liked the name Open Kettle better than Dunkin’.


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