When Dreams Come True: Top 10 Things to Know About Aleksandra Tryniecka

“If you knew how great your little dreams are, you wouldn’t let them die.”

– Michael Bassey Johnson (The Oneironaut Diary)

Indeed, Johnson has perfectly underscored the truth of the matter. Dreaming is the first step to success. Very few of us give importance to our dreams. More often than not, we abandon them thinking their pursuit to be futile. However, that is as far from the truth as possible. Anyone who has ever succeeded in life has stepped out of their comfort zones and relentlessly pursued their dreams. Dr. Aleksandra Tryniecka is one such special person. She has gone after her dreams with an enviable gusto and has been successful in being an amazing author.

We all have a story to tell. However, very few of us have the right words to put those stories on paper. Creating worlds for us readers to escape to not only takes talent but also immense determination. Hence, only special people have the fortitude to be authors. With her debut children’s Christmas family novel, Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story, Aleksandra Tryniecka not only presented us with a magical book but also created a whole new world for our imaginations to run free.

Let us get to know this amazing person by knowing ten fascinating facts about her.

When the Literary Dream Began

In life, there comes a time when we realize what our true passion is. While a majority of us spend our entire lifetimes looking for our dream, a few of us are fortunate enough to realize our calling early in life. Aleksandra has been harboring the dream of being a wordsmith since she was four years old. Ever since her mother taught her to read and write, her literary dreams took flight. Reading stories and writing letters together with her mom were her first steps into this exciting world. She had been writing a diary since the age of four as well. Articulating her life experiences in words still helps her to make sense of the world around her.

That First Novel

At the tender age of four, most children like to play with toys or watch cartoons. Our beloved author was always a step ahead of the multitude. Aleksandra Tryniecka completed her first novel at four. Yes, you read that right. Aleksandra not only wrote but also illustrated her first-ever story in her big white notebook. She named it The Fate of Hedgehog. To make things perfect, this special literary creation has a happy ending as well. After The Fate of Hedgehog, Aleksandra ventured to pen her first serious novel in 2015. She completed writing it in 2018. Even though the title is still unrevealed, Aleksandra is working on its sequel. Aleksandra Tryniecka’s publishing debut novel is Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story.

The First Foray into the Publishing World

Getting published is a big deal for any aspiring writer. Sometimes, it even takes years for some to even gather the courage to have one’s writing published. Even so, it takes a lot of time and effort for a publishing house to truly give your work serious consideration. Aleksandra Tryniecka’s first significant step in the world of writing was when she was sixteen. In 2006, she had her article about Lebanon published in a scientific journal called Archaeology Żywa. Her fascination with archaeology prompted her to write the article. With it, she became the youngest published author in the journal.

Writing Quirks

We all know that artists are quirky people. Being a person with a creative mind comes with its fair share of eccentricities. There are many renowned artists with their own share of quirks. Did you know that Pablo Neruda wrote in green ink, Virginia Woolfe preferred a standing desk, Picasso liked to carry around a revolver while Salvador Dali believed that the hypnagogic state is the most productive time for him? Our very own Aleksandra Tryniecka has a few interesting writing quirks as well. She wrote her first novel while sitting at the piano. Between ages seven and twelve, she liked to climb up the tallest cherry tree in her garden to compose poetries. Now, she finds the dazzling stars to be inspiring. She likes to spend her summers writing in the mornings after spending her nights in her tent. Of course, we have to mention the tea. Tea plays an integral role in our beloved author’s writing process.

Befriending Literary Characters

Aleksandra, like many of us bibliophiles, likes to make friends with literary characters. As a child, she connected with a number of such characters on a deeper level. A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh and Piglet as well as Lucy and Susan from C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia became some of her best friends. Winnie was like a reflection of herself. Just like Winnie, little Aleksandra overlooked her struggles and tended to focus on the joy, peace, and beauty of life. With the help of Winnie, she gained self-confidence and accepted her true self. Susan and Lucy became her idols. Susan’s composed sensibility and maturity inspired her. Lucy’s curiosity and bravery ignited her own passionate heart. She even admired Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia. The Cheshire Cat and our beloved Bunky are her all-time favorites as well. As per Aleksandra, all these amazing friends from the literary world shaped her into the person that she is today.

The Writing Astronaut

Childhood is the time for us to weave impossible aspirations. At one point or another, all of us have had an improbable dream. As we grow up, we tend to change track and pursue something feasible. Aleksandra too had an out-of-the-world dream. As an enterprising child, she always wanted to become an astronaut. To realize this, she had made a cardboard space rocket as well. I have to mention that only a few of us have the guts to go after what we want and Aleksandra took steps to become an astronaut even though she was a mere child. If that’s not admirable, I don’t know what is. In addition to becoming a space traveler, she had the urge to be an author as well. So, even though she is still here on earth, she is happy with her writing.

The Dream Life

Very few of us are fortunate enough to love our work. More often than not, our professional lives end up being a tedious chore for us. Doing what we love would no doubt ensure that we live life to the fullest. Aleksandra is one of those achievers who has fulfilled her dream to be an author. She also has a full-time job that she adores. Working as an Assistant Professor at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, she is lucky to continue with her writing at work. Her job gives her the opportunity to research, write, read, and analyze texts, everything that she loves doing. Moreover, she also gets to carry on insightful discussions with her beloved students.

All Time Favorites

Aleksandra Tryniecka is passionate about both her writing career and her job as an Assistant Professor. Her hectic life gives her little room for free time. She spends the rare occasions when she manages to get away for some time doing some of her favorite things. She is a passionate reader with an inclination toward nineteenth-century literature. Gardening and baking give her immense joy. Whipping up pizzas and her tried and tested chocolate cake are always a treat. Just like in Alice in Wonderland, she adores tea parties. Similar to Bunky, she loves autumn and Christmas. The wholesomeness of a kitchen and a cozy living room are some of her favorite places to be. In addition to this, she loves gazing at the dazzling stars at night.

Literary Influence & Must Have Books

If you are an avid reader, it is very difficult to point out one particular author as your favorite. The books that we read largely impact our lives. Whether we accept it or not, there are a few literary figures that leave an unmistakable mark on our world. Also, there are some books that we can never do without. Tove Jansson, A.A. Milne, C.S. Lewis, and Lewis Caroll have all greatly inspired Aleksandra Tryniecka to be an amazing author. Anthony Trollope, Oscar Wilde, and Willie Collins play a major role in her life as a scholar.

Out of the millions of books out there, some of Aleksandra’s must-have reads are C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Lech Ablazej’s The Tales of Princesses. If stranded on a deserted island, our beloved writer would love to have with her Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, a cooking book, and Johnny Cash’s last biography, along with the must-haves already discussed.

Upcoming Projects

Aleksandra Tryniecka has a number of literary surprises planned for us. She loves Bunky, so he is here for the long haul. Both Aleksandra and Bunky are working to bring to us readers Bunky’s latest adventures. We are also eagerly awaiting her latest literary project revolving around Victorian female characters.


 Aleksandra Tryniecka is a prolific author who has presented us with the multi-award-winning magical Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story. She has woven a world for us that continues to exist beyond the pages of her book. It would both be a treat and an honor to see what this amazing author has in store for us in the future.

Visit Aleksandra Tryniecka’s website by clicking here.

Get your copy of “Bunky and the Walms: The Christmas Story” by clicking here.

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  1. It seems like a dreamy life indeed! I think Ms. Tryniecka should mix her passions and share that chocolate cake recipe in a yummy, creative cookbook 😛


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