Money Talks: Top-Paying Careers in 2022

“Earn nicely, spend wisely, and you will live happily.”

– Auliq Ice

Auliq Ice’s words could not be more true. No matter how much we deny it, even the most spiritual and intellectual of us require money to live a quality life. However, there should always be a balance between earning and spending. Greed and indiscriminate use of money can never lead to anything good. Similarly, a low-paying job can ultimately turn out to be unfulfilling. Hence, it is of utmost importance to look for a job that is not only high paying but also suitable to our desires and aptitude.

The growing economy had created a plethora of opportunities. However, the Covid 19 pandemic brought about a complete upheaval in the job market. While some people lost jobs, others eked out innovative means of earning. Today, in the post-pandemic world, the job market has taken on a new face.

In these uncertain times, many of us wonder what job would bring food to the table as well as realize our higher needs. Worry not. Here, I am with a list of top-paying careers in 2022.

Web Developers

Highest Salary Potential: $146,430

The pandemic led to the closure of both big and small businesses. Entrepreneurs had no choice but think of new ways to reach their target customers. Naturally, the internet came to the rescue. By making their presence known in the web world, many companies halted the inevitable going out of business. Even now, websites play a key role in a company’s success. Naturally, there is an increase in the demand for web developers. In fact, the US Bureau of Labour has predicted a 15% rise in the demand for web developers by 2026. A web developer has to be tech-savvy. Their work entails the designing, building, and modification of websites. Knowledge of programming languages and graphic designing are a plus.

Internet of Things (loT) Solutions Architect

Highest Salary Potential: $130,000

The primary responsibilities of a loT solution architect are to monitor, evaluate, and check the developmental strategies and help in the carrying out of the solution. These professionals also actively participate in the design department in order to maintain effective engagement. They require to have superlative programming skills, knowledge of machine learning, hardware design, and architecture as well as a comprehensive understanding of loT solutions. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics has predicted a growth of about 5% for loT solutions architects between 2020 and 2030.

Software Engineer

Highest Salary Potential: $114,000

Wherever you go, you will come across a software engineer. It is quite natural as the software industry is multi-faceted. The constant influx of assignments ensures that even budding talents get substantial opportunities. The job of a software engineer is one of the most lucrative jobs in the world in terms of salary, job satisfaction, and job availability. In fact, the employment rate of software engineers is predicted to grow by 21% by 2027. It has one of the highest growth rates of all occupations. A software engineer is usually responsible for making design choices and creating prototypes as per the client’s requirements. Superior programming skills, data modeling, and a good understanding of software architecture are some of the desired skills for a software engineer.

Data Scientist

Highest Salary Potential: $150,000

The job of a data scientist is one of the most sought-after career paths in the world. Indeed, it has consistently made it to the list of the top 100 highest-paying jobs in the world. The constant demand for data scientists has increased the growth rate of the profession by 29%. In fact, it is the highest-paid job in the world. There are a lot of branches in data science. Hence, the salary may differ accordingly. A successful data scientist needs to be a master decision-maker with keen business acumen. Their job role includes sourcing, managing, analyzing, and interpreting complicated data. They might need to create data models, come up with apt solutions for business problems, understand machine learning algorithms, and have a grasp of code writing. Having an educational background in the field is a big plus.

Investment Banker

The investment banking sector has been showing amazing development potential, especially since the pandemic. The competitive remuneration and the prospect of steady career growth have made this a lucrative career path. Investment bankers may work in myriad sectors like securities, commodities, and financial services. In all these sectors, the projected growth rate is 10% between 2014 and 2024. An investment banker typically starts their career as an analyst. Some may even take the first step of  being an ad associate. Regardless, the daily tasks of an investment banker include market research, report analysis, and creating financial models.  An ideal investment banker should be able to take quick divisions in a fast-paced environment. They should have hands-on knowledge of deal structuring and closing principles. Superlative research abilities and strong networking skills are a bonus.

Corporate Lawyer

Highest Salary Potential: $240,000

The job of a corporate lawyer is not only supremely respectable but also super exciting. Corporate lawyers work in a fast-paced industry offering legal counsel to businesses and institutions. They advise their clients with regard to their legal rights and responsibilities. As the name suggests, a corporate lawyer must possess a law degree. They should have a solid foundation in commercial awareness, strong negotiation skills, knowledge of company laws, and excellent communication skills. A corporate lawyer might have to manage contracts, liability, ownership, employment, and other legal issues on behalf of their clients.

Medical Professionals

Highest Salary Potential: $635,000

The contribution of the medical fraternity to humanity is immeasurable. Medicine is indeed one of the pillars of society. Many people hold doctors in the same esteem as God. The Covid 19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of medical professionals anew. The increasing demand for hospitals and qualified professionals in the field has led to a rise in salaries. There are a plethora of fields in the medical industry. Some of the highest paying medical practitioners are talked about in detail below:-

  1. Cardiologists: They specialize in the treatment of the heart.  The average salary of a cardiologist in the USA is $345,754.
  2. Anesthesiologists: There is a high demand for anesthesiologists. The trained professionals are tasked with the duty of administrating anesthesia to patients. They have an earning potential of $328,526.
  3. Orthodontists: Orthodontists are responsible for the treatment of teeth and jaw. Their earning potential is between $259,163 and $302,549.
  4. Neurologists: The well-respected job of a neurologist is not only one of the most difficult but also the highest-paying jobs in the world. A neurologist can earn $237,309 to $635,691 a year.
  5. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Highest Earning Potential: $1,015,900

A Chief Executive Officer is always at the top echelons of any organization. CEOs have lucrative remunerations and a great deal of authority. The most important traits of a CEO are excellent leadership skills and irreproachable communication. They have the heavy responsibility of ensuring the smooth operation of a company. Hence, they need to possess innovation and creativity, a growth mindset, financial suaveness, and the ability to see their strategy executed. Managing sales and looking after employee relations are important aspects of the job as well. With so much on their shoulders, it is justified that they are paid sky-high amounts by way of salary. A lot of perseverance and effort is required to reach the position of CEO. It is predicted that the employment rate of CEOs is to show a rise of 8% approximately between 2020 and 2030.

It’s Time to Vote!

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions that anyone can take. Our careers determine our livelihoods and our ability to stay happy. A high-paying job might leave us stressed and unsatisfied. Similarly, blindly following our dreams can lead to destitution and misery. Hence, it is very important to strike the right chord while embarking on a career path. Whether you are a fresher or an individual with years of experience looking for a change, it is advised that you do your research and think things through before taking a plunge.

For your perusal, I have listed some of the top-paying jobs of 2022 so that you can find a job that not only pays well but also aligns with your passion. Do vote for your dream job and let us know what makes it so in the comments.

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